As usual, the beginning is the most difficult. I did many mind maps, look for possible social aspects around my topic and different possible directions and I found an area that might be interesting for discussion.


The minimalist design as a reflection of the minimalist philosophy or two completely different interpretations of minimalism.

What makes a minimalist design sustainable? (use less to do more or do more with less) (use transformation techniques and turn your not useful stuff into something you use)

Where and how the minimalist design really meet the minimalist lifestyle?

Kinfolk lifestyle and the people who chose to live minimal using not only the aesthetics of the minimalist design.

different lifestyles and reasons:

  • people who are living with less (meeting just their needs)- their choice
  • people who are living with less (meeting just their needs) – because they are poor
  • people who did the choice to live using minimalist aesthetics (appreciate minimalist design)
  • others

Different examples:

people from Mongolia, Tibet: 




Japanese minimalism:


People who have just what you see on the picture:


People who appreciate minimalist aesthetic:


People who appreciate minimalist aesthetic and treat it as a luxury lifestyle:


Is there a conflict between minimalist design in lifestyle magazines and the style of living like a minimalist?

Is the minimalist design targeting mostly the people who are able to pay more and use luxury products?

How we can turn the minimalist design in design for everyone (larger audience) and make it more sustainable? (move it closer to the philosophy of living simply/ life with less)

On another hand: The design is made by people for people, to meet their needs and be used by its function.

The minimalism and living minimal means to know well your needs and knowing what is it that you really value. It is about having as much as you need of things you value, and do not spending money on one thing extra.




Possible sources:












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